07.06.2021 - press releases 

BAFA grants available for new energy-efficient EISELE GTWSB 206-E submersible motor agitators with IE5 motors

Sigmaringen, 7 June 2021 – EISELE is a leading manufacturer of pumps and agitators for the agricultural and biogas sectors, and has been established for over 130 years. Now, with the GTWSB 206-E, it has become one of the first companies to bring to market a submersible motor agitator that is resistant to pressurised water and has a 15 kW motor that meets energy efficiency class IE5. The EU Ecodesign Directive designates this category “Ultra Premium Efficiency”. The energy-saving motor achieves an efficiency of over 96%, offering the highest savings potential currently available on the market. For this reason, investments in construction projects in Germany using the new long-life GTWSB 206-E submersible motor agitator are eligible for grants of 40% from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA).

New propeller for better agitation results

Eisele has completely revised the wide-blade propeller on the submersible motor agitator to optimise the flow characteristics. Smoothness of operation has been significantly improved following extensive trials in Eisele’s in-house research and testing centre. The modified blade geometry and a new manufacturing process for the hub deliver an increase in thrust with a substantially lower power requirement, as well as better agitation results and a long service life. The new stainless steel propellers are now fitted as standard on Eisele’s GTWS, GTWSB and GTWSI-EX submersible motor agitators.

Robust build quality and in-house motor production ensure the long service life typical of Eisele products. A matched frequency converter provides the GTWSB 206-E with infinitely variable speed control that optimally adapts to varying operating conditions. Compared to other commercially available submersible motor agitators that do not have a frequency converter and fall into a lower energy efficiency class, the new GTWSB 206-E will theoretically pay for itself in only around two to three years.

Can be used in almost any biogas plant

In biogas plants, the new GTWSB 206-E submersible motor agitator from Eisele mixes even extremely viscous media energy-efficiently in continuous operation, to produce a flowable mass. It is approved for substrate temperatures up to 65 °C and immersion depths up to 40 m, making it suitable for use in almost any new or existing biogas plant. Numerous accessory components and the electric cable with protective hose allow a wide range of installation and application options.

Because the GTWSB 206-E motor meets energy efficiency class IE5, government grants are available to the biogas industry, end customers and plant constructors in Germany. The agitator’s submersible motor achieves considerable energy savings during operation, which is an important factor for the allocation of grants.
Invest now and take advantage of grant opportunities

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) has created a funding programme to help industrial and commercial enterprises increase their energy efficiency. Module 1, for example, provides grants of 40% for investments in improving energy efficiency through the use of highly efficient technologies. Module 4 also offers grants of up to 40% for measures to optimise the energy efficiency of plants and processes, for example by increasing energy efficiency or by using heat from renewable energy sources and waste heat.

Investing in energy-efficient pump and agitator technology from Eisele is doubly worthwhile: government grants are available for the new GTWSB 206-E, plus it is possible to achieve electricity savings of up to 45% compared to conventional submersible motor agitators.

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