PTO mixer ZP 454/654

Application options for the Eisele PTO mixers can be found in industrial businesses and in the agricultural sector.

More detailed key data here:

  • Double-start worm forced circulation (sucking)
  • With PTO-drive 30/48 kW or with electric motor 11/15/18.5 kW
  • Threaded spindle with crank
  • Three-point mounting, can be tipped
  • Stable design, highly wear resisting mechanical seal, shaft in an oil bath
  • Agitation shaft length 3,50 – 6,00 m

Application possibilities of the Eisele PTO mixers are in industrial business and agricultural sectors. They are the perfect solution for the effortless mixing in slurry tanks or similar using a tractor or other towing vehicle.

Detailed technical information can be obtained from the attached catalogue as pdf.

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