Our products for the biogas sector

Our products for the biogas sector

Our range of agitators and pumps is known worldwide for its reliable operation even in long-term continuous use.

To avoid floating and sinking layers, powerful and reliable agitators are required in modern biogas plants. Our agitators ensure that the substrate remains homogeneous and that the active bacteria and heat are optimally distributed.

Our agitators for the biogas sector:

Submersible mixers
  • The water pressure-tight Eisele submersible mixers with their aerodynamically optimized double-bladed wide-blade propellers guarantee maximum efficiency and economy.
Rod agitator
  • With the Eisele rod agitator ESR 204, we are able to supply modern biogas plants with even more comprehensive stirring and pumping technology from a single source.
Hydraulic agitators
PTO agitator
  • With stirring rod lengths from 3.5 m to 6.0 m and a hydraulically adjustable articulated frame, the Eisele ZP PTO shaft agitators are the ideal flexible mobile solution for long ranges and immersion depths.

Our pumps for the biogas sector:

Submersible motor pump

Vertical pump
  • The Eisele vertical pumps have impressively proven their top quality over many years of use under extreme conditions.
Close-coupled pump
  • The Eisele close-coupled pump BP is a centrifugal pump with a block design. The dry installed pump, which is used standing or lying down, is built on a stable base frame and is primarily used for pumping liquid manure and digestate.
Rotary lobe pump
  • With the Eisele rotary lobe pump DK, Eisele presents an all-rounder that has been refined over the years and that effortlessly performs all tasks even under the most adverse conditions.