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Modular Eisele PTO agitator ZP 120

EISELE develops a new modular PTO agitator ZP 120 for improved efficiency and faster mixing results in large tanks and lagoons
Sigmaringen (Germany), 27 September 2021 – EISELE, a leading manufacturer of pumps and agitators for the agricultural and biogas sectors, is launching the ZP 120 PTO agitator, a completely newly developed version with a modular design and up to 8 m pipe length, which offers high mixing performance in addition to its durability. The ZP 120 is driven by the tractor's PTO shaft with at least 88 kW (120 hp) and is suitable for farms and biogas plants with large tanks and lagoons.

Depending on the power input, various 2-blade propellers with diameters from 600 mm to 710 mm and optional guards are available for the ZP 120. The optimisation of the propeller geometry results in improved smoothness as well as thrust and circulation performance.

Hydraulic tilt adjustment on the three-point linkage

It is attached to the tractor using the usual 3-point hitch, in accordance with DIN ISO 730-1, category 3. With the two hydraulic cylinders of the ZP 120 PTO agitator, it is possible to adjust the inclination by up to 30°, which increases flexibility in use and allows the mixing process to be optimally adapted to the respective environmental situation.

Philip Gann, Head of Development and Design at Eisele, gives reasons for the universal use of the ZP 120: "The hydraulically adjustable stainless steel PTO agitator ZP 120 is a clever mobile solution for a wide range of applications in agriculture and the biogas sector due to its various lengths and modularity. Its quality and long service life result from the high manufacturing standards that are the norm at Eisele and from our many years of practical experience in the development, manufacture and use of PTO agitators."

Eisele has designed the plug-in protective tubes, the drive head housing, the propeller and the support foot in stainless steel (V2A) as standard, thus making an important contribution to the durability of the low-wear PTO agitator. The sturdy drive head in the oil-filled stainless steel housing supports and guides the shaft by means of tapered roller bearings. It is sealed with high-quality, extremely wear-resistant mechanical seals in the form of silicon carbide slide rings (SiC), which ensures a long service life.

Modularity from short to long

The ZP 120 PTO agitator was developed to take full advantage of modularity. The modular design covers three lengths (6 m, 7 m, 8 m), allowing the user to choose the optimum length depending on the particular application and the required operating depth. Modularity has another advantage. In the unassembled delivery condition, the length of the agitator is reduced to less than 5 m, which simplifies shipping and transport. Naturally, the assembly of the plug-in shaft, which has multiple and maintenance-free bearings, is completely unproblematic.

The new ZP 120 PTO agitator and the supply of spare parts are now available through Eisele's worldwide sales partner network.

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Philip Gann, Head of Construction