Submersible mixers GTWSU for slurry and slalom channels

EISELE has enhanced its GTWSU series of submersible mixers for slurry and slalom channels

Sigmaringen, 20th May 2022 – EISELE, leading manufacturer of pumps and mixers for the agricultural and biogas sectors, has completely revised its series of GTWSU submersible mixers for channels. The design of the new mixers is now even more solid. In addition, the guide carriage and the nozzle have been redesigned, the blade geometry of the propeller has been optimised and a new hub technology has been introduced. Due to their solid construction, the GTWSU 1040 (7.5 kW), GTWSU 1540 (11 kW) and GTWSU 204 (15 kW) mixers enable more efficient mixing processes and longer operating times even with a very high dry substance content.

The propeller, the carriage with nozzle and the built-in parts are made of stainless steel (V2A) as standard, i.e. there are no galvanised steel parts in the substrate area. Optionally available IE5 drives from our own motor production (optionally with frequency converters) enable considerable energy savings. The improvements benefit above all large plants that are confronted with considerable substrate quantities, as well as quality-conscious users who attach great importance to low life-cycle costs.

New nozzle for extreme substrate conditions

The design of the nozzle is unique in the market. Recesses in the nozzle mantle and the omission of obstructive struts in the upper and lateral areas prevent the substrate flow from being slowed down and floating layers from accumulating. The large passage dimensions and lack of obstacles allow substrate to flow unhindered. The resulting suction effect efficiently draws in floating layers. The new nozzle offers better performance in livestock farms with extreme substrate conditions, especially with viscous media in cattle farming.

The new GTWSU submersible mixers efficiently prevent the formation of floating layers in long and wide slurry channel or slalom systems. The solid stainless steel nozzle and carriage construction as well as the optimised propeller geometry and hub technology ensure higher thrust and circulation rates, reduce vibrations and offer smoother running, higher durability and an extended service life. The large-diameter two-blade propeller effectively mixes viscous media at medium-fast speeds. In conjunction with energy-efficient IE5 drives, this results in considerable energy savings during operation.

The weight and the solid design of the unit ensure effective heat dissipation. The high tightness allows immersion depths up to 25 m in substrates with temperatures up to 65°C. Mechanical seals in the housing are located on both the motor and medium sides. The insulation class according to IEC 34-1 is 155 °C, but 180 °C (insulation class H) can also be achieved with IE5 drives. This is an excellent value for the maximum permissible temperature of the motor's insulation.

Individual plans on request

On request, Eisele provides individual plans and designs of mixer solutions on the basis of the plant and substrate data. In addition, there is a functional guarantee so that the operator can be sure of maximum safety. The new mixer generation delivers considerable savings in energy costs – and that pays off, especially when considered over the long service life.


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