24.02.2022 - press releases 

Submersible mixer GTWSI-EX 206-E

EISELE launches submersible mixer for EX zones 1 and 2 with IE5 synchronous energy-saving motor

Sigmaringen (Germany), February 24, 2022 – EISELE, a leading manufacturer of pumps and agitators for the agricultural and biogas sectors, has developed a new GTWSI-EX 206-E submersible mixer for EX protection zones 1 and 2. It is driven by an energy-saving motor with energy efficiency class IE5 and complies with the "Ultra Premium Efficiency" category according to the EU Ecodesign Directive. The IE5 efficiency class for biogas agitators in the ATEX classification is currently unique worldwide. In combination with frequency converters, electricity savings of up to 45% are achieved compared to conventional submersible mixers. In Germany, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) offers the possibility of subsidising the investment by 40%, according to Module 1.

The GTWSI-EX 206-E submersible mixers are of interest to all biogas plant operators, plant constructors and service companies. Since Eisele's explosion-protected submersible mixers are generally suitable for zones 1 and 2, operators have assured maximum safety.

Highest energy saving potential

The GTWSI-EX 206-E submersible mixer is designed for substrate temperatures of up to 65°C and is therefore suitable for all thermophilic plants with high process temperatures, which are typically around 50°C to 57°C. The permissible immersion depth is up to 25 m. Thanks to its 15 kW drive power, the agitator mixes even viscous media in continuous operation energy-efficiently.

The drives of the GTWSI-EX 206-E mixers are developed and produced at Eisele's in-house motor production facility. The IE5 drive enables the agitator to achieve the highest energy saving potential currently available on the market. Mechanical seals in the housing are located on both the motor and medium sides. The insulation class according to IEC 34-1 is 180°C (insulation class H). This is an excellent value for the maximum permissible temperature of the motor's insulation, which is based on the ambient temperature and the heating of the motor. The propeller, the slide and the built-in parts are made of stainless steel as standard for the gas sector.

Over 96% efficiency

The synchronous motor used achieves an efficiency of over 96%, which, unlike asynchronous motors, remains very high even at low speeds. In contrast to asynchronous motors, it generates about 40% less heat in the winding, which significantly reduces the thermal load on the units. In addition, the size and design of the housing enable efficient heat dissipation and extremely low-vibration running characteristics.

The optimised blade geometry of the wide-blade propeller and hub ensures even smoother running and thrust power when agitating – all this with significantly lower power requirements and longer service lives. The new stainless steel propellers are already fitted as standard in the GTWSB and GTWSI-EX submersible mixers. All in all, this leads to an extended service life and even longer service lives – and this even though Eisele submersible mixers have always been the technological leaders in these areas.

Invest now and benefit from funding

Irrespective of the BAFA funding, the new submersible mixer from Eisele delivers significant savings in energy costs – and that pays off, especially when considered over its long service life.

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