Eisele pumps and agitators - constantly and everywhere in use.

Customer reference Franz Eisele und Söhne

The agricultural biogas company Bioenergie Kleber in Upper Palatinate has been using the tried and tested Eisele pumps and agitators from Sigmaringen for decades. With success! Reason enough to pay Mr. Kleber a visit. Mr. Kleber, who has been in his parents' company since a young age, is enthusiastic about the Eisele products, which his father already used many years ago as a proven support for his company. Eisele quality - has become a trademark here in Eslarn for generations.

I run a farm together with my parents and three employees. We have 120 cows plus the female offspring and in 2001 we thought about how we could use our manure via a biogas plant in order to save the energy for the house and thus to heat the house. We have three pumps from the Eisele company in use - two with electric motors, and eight agitators are still in operation in the biogas plant to simply mix the substrate. This year there are plans to build a large gas storage facility in order to be able to take advantage of the so-called flex bonus next year in order to be able to trade flexibly on the electricity market and to be able to feed in as needed. We have already bought an Eisele pump to apply the substrates and a stirrer to mix the substrates in the final storage. We have managed that we have an own electricity consumption of 6% with the biogas plant.