29.06.2021 - press releases 

EISELE equips pumps with new IE4 electric motors

EISELE optimises its proven vertical and close-coupled pumps with IE4 motors for energy efficiency and durability
Sigmaringen (Germany), 28 June 2021 – EISELE is a leading manufacturer of pumps and agitators for the agricultural and biogas sectors, and has been established for over 130 years. Now it is offering five new electric motors in efficiency class IE4 for vertical and close-coupled pumps with power ratings from 11 kW to 30 kW. EISELE is therefore one of the first manufacturers in the market to provide a wide selection of pumps with IE4 motors that are eligible for grants, protect the environment, and demonstrably cut energy costs.

For biogas production and in farming, the new Eisele pumps are among the most effective devices in the world. Eisele’s vertical and close-coupled pumps equipped with the new IE4 motors are more energy efficient, with minimal maintenance needs and a longer service life. Plus they reduce the carbon footprint of a biogas plant or farm, to make a clear statement in support of sustainability and the green economy.

Energy efficient in every performance class

There is a clear trend in farming towards using more energy efficient equipment. Every kilowatt-hour not consumed can be fed into the grid, or does not have to be bought in at a high price. Previously, electric motors in energy efficiency class IE4 and suitable frequency converters were not available for Eisele vertical and close-coupled pumps. Now the manufacturer has added new drives for the higher energy efficiency classes to its product range, and offers pumps of various power levels equipped with these drives. The associated frequency converters cover power ratings of 11 kW, 15 kW, 18.5 kW, 22 kW and 30 kW. The pumps are designed for flow rates of up to 7,200 litres/min with a pumping height of up to 28 metres, and for substrate temperatures up to 65 °C.

Depending on the application, the new motors achieve savings of up to 40%. The operating point is flexibly variable and can be optimally adjusted via the frequency converter, allowing stepless speed control either in the control cabinet or directly on the motor. As a result, the pumps are suitable for various applications and substrates, where they achieve a longer service life than before.

High return on investment – not only for high flow rates

Because the new drives meet energy efficiency class IE4, users in Germany can benefit from government grants from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) when they invest in Eisele vertical and close-coupled pumps. Grants for 40% of the total investment sum are available for the pumps under BAFA module 1, “Cross-sectional technologies”. The grant makes the pumps attractive for any biogas plant or farming enterprise, especially where large quantities of substrate have to be pumped. In these settings, the new pumps pay for themselves in a short time even without government subsidies.


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